Since the U.S. International Trade Commission posted the December trade data, Agralytica released its initial report (below) for the 2019/20 marketing year.

A few key notes:

  • The upward trend in net imports of sugar in SCPs continued in the October-December quarter.
  • Total imports of sugar in SCPs are up 2.9% in the first quarter of 2019/20 compared to 2018/19 (with an additional 13,458 short tons being imported over the first quarter of 2018/19).
  • Increases in imports of “Confections Ready for Consumption, Retail Sale, Other” made up the majority of the increase in Chapter 17 imports (with an additional 6,661 short tons being imported compared to the first quarter of 2018/19).
  • Imports of sugar in SCPs from Canada grew 7.2% or 10,719 short tons compared to 2018/19.